BRCGS Certificate

The BRCGS certificate is a guarantee of the highest quality and production safety, confirming compliance with rigorous industry standards. Our company, specializing in the production of biodegradable packaging, has obtained this prestigious certificate, which demonstrates our commitment to delivering products that are not only eco-friendly but also completely safe for users. Thanks to BRCGS, we can assure our partners of reliability, excellent quality, and compliance with international standards. By choosing us, you choose certainty and professionalism.

TÜV Certificates

OK biobased

Certificate of Organic Substance Content Referring to Carbon Isotope C14 Content

The OK biobased certification process is simple and transparent, and the renewability parameters can be precisely measured and calculated. The rules for control and re-checking compliance of the certificate with the current product status are equally simple and transparent. Depending on the specified percentage share of renewable raw materials (% biobased) in your product, it will be certified as one-, two-, three-, or four-star.


Guarantee of Biodegradability in an Industrial Composting Facility

Products certified with the OK compost mark are suitable for composting in industrial composting facilities at temperatures from 55 to 60° C. The decomposition applies to all elements of the product and all additives.

OK compost HOME

Guarantee of Compostability in Home Conditions

The temperature in a home compost pile is almost always significantly lower and less stable than in an industrial composting environment. Garden composting is therefore slower and more challenging. Vinçotte’s innovative response to this challenge was to develop the OK compost HOME certificate, guaranteeing complete biodegradation even in a garden compost pile.

OK biodegradable SOIL

Guarantee of Biodegradability in Soil for Agricultural and Horticultural Products

OK biodegradable MARINE

Guarantee of Biodegradability in Seawater

Most of the waste found in the sea is of terrestrial origin. Marine biodegradability is therefore an added value for any product or packaging, regardless of where it is consumed. There is always a possibility that the product will ultimately end up in the sea. The OK biodegradable MARINE certificate guarantees not only the actual biodegradability of the product but also offers the possibility to distinguish truly biodegradable packaging in the sea from all dubious products and “guarantees” not covered by international standards.

OK biodegradable WATER

Guarantee of Biodegradability in Freshwater Environments

Products with the OK biodegradable WATER certificate biodegrade in natural freshwater environments. Using such products helps reduce waste in natural freshwater resources. It should be noted that this certificate does not automatically guarantee biodegradability in seawater environments.

Additional certificates


Seedling mark for compostable products

TUV Austria is the certification body authorized by European Bioplastics (the association of European bioplastics manufacturers) to award the Seedling logo to products that comply with the EN 13432 standard. The OK compost and Seedling marks from TUV Austria on products ensure their recognition across the European market as compostable items.

NEN bio-based CONTENT

Independent biomass content assessment system

The NEN bio-based certification system is based on the European standard EN 16785-1, which allows for independent assessment of the biological content of products. The NEN bio-based certification covers raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products, as well as all solid, liquid, and gaseous products containing carbon.