About us

The company “BioAlplast” was established from the initiative of our first company “EKO-Alplast,” which has been operating in the plastic packaging market since 1986.

BioAlplast is a dynamically developing branch of EKO-Alplast, specializing in the production of eco-friendly packaging. Our mission is to promote a conscious approach to environmental protection by offering high-quality products made from biodegradable materials. In our offer, you will find, among others:

  • BIO Paper Bags
  • BIO Plastic Bags
  • BIO Plastic Sacks and Packaging
  • BIO Food Packaging
  • BIO Thermoformed Packaging
  • BIO Courier Envelopes

And many other products that are an excellent alternative to traditional packaging. We strive to provide our clients with sustainable packaging solutions that combine functionality with care for the planet.

We guarantee our clients short, always adhered to deadlines, excellent product quality, solid and flexible service.

Strictly observed quality control standards confirmed by the BRCGS Global Standards Certificate. We have our own quality control department.

A modern facility located in Łódź.

Machine Park

We also have our own machine park.